Broker Preparatory Course Series 31 USA American Broker Examination Funds (FINRA)


The Series 31 exam (Futures Managed Funds Examination)

Thorsten Schuell will provide the means for you to undertake the Series 341 exam. The exam consists of 45 marked questions, candidates will have a total time limit of an hour to complete the exam which is a National Futures Association exam. In order to pass, candidates taking the exam will have to achieve a score of 70% or above.

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An individual may only be eligible to take the Series 31 exam if:

  • the individual is already registered as a General Securities Representative with a FINRA member firm;
  • that FINRA member firm is also an NFA Member FCM/IB or a candidate for NFA membership as an FCM/IB and is sponsoring the individual for AP registration; and
  • the individual agrees to limit their futures activities on behalf of that NFA/FINRA sponsor to soliciting funds, securities or property for participation in a commodity pool, soliciting discretionary accounts to be managed by CTAs or supervising persons who perform these same limited activities.

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