Broker Preparation course SIE American Broker Examination (FINRA)


Thorsten Schuell will assist you in taking the SIE exam which is designed for prospective securities industry professionals. The SIE is an introductory-level exam that assesses a candidate’s knowledge of basic securities industry information. The exam is made up of 75 multiple choice questions, students will have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the exam and will have to achieve 70% or above to pass. The exam includes concepts that are essential when working in the securities industry, for example, types of products and their risks. As well as the structure of the securities industry markets; regulatory agencies and their functions; and prohibited practices.

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The Securities Industry Essentials (SIE)

The SIE is perfect for students and candidates who want to demonstrate basic industry knowledge to future employers, however, the exam is available to anyone aged 18 or above. Sponsorship from a firm is not required to take the SIE, therefore after completion results are valid for four years.

In order to become registered to work within a securities company, an individual must pass the SIE and a qualification exam appropriate for the type of business the individual will engage in. The individual must be associated with a member firm to take a qualification exam. Passing the SIE alone does not qualify an individual for registration with a FINRA member firm or to engage in the securities business.


  • Ability to differentiate yourself from your peers seeking internships or jobs
  • Opportunity to kickstart your career ambitions
  • Immediate notice of your pass/fail status with performance feedback if you fail
  • Increased marketability in the financial services industry

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